Prepare to embark on a gastronomic odyssey with our out of this world potatoes!

We start with a fluffy Baked Potato add real butter and top with your choice of topping below…

Oh, and everything is gluten free!!

Guardians of the Green Chile

This potato is the protector of deliciousness! Topped with a generous helping of savory pork green chile and melted cheese, sour cream and chives. It will save your taste buds from hunger. GF




Try it vegetarian without the pork- $10

You're Bacon Me Crazy

Indulge in our Loaded Potato: a crispy, golden-brown spud loaded with savory bacon, melted cheddar cheese, zesty bacon sour cream, and fresh chives. Pure comfort in every bite. GF

Sloppy Jo-tato

Brace yourself for a messy but delicious mid west experience! Our Sloppy Jotato is a potato loaded with savory, saucy sloppy joe filling, topped with melty cheese and sour cream.. It's a messy delight that will make you feel like a kid again. GF

Crinkle cut fries


Green chile +$3

Sloppy topping $3

Bacon and Cheese $3


Additional Toppings today
Need a little somethin' somethin' extra?..

Pickled Jalapenos, bacon sour cream, ketchup, Ken's Steak house ranch, Rebel Alliance Sauce (spicy ranch), A plethora of hot sauces,  Thick cut bacon +$1 each



Buy a bottle of your favorite Pandemic Polly Peppers Hot Sauce $10