All potatoes start with a drizzle of real butter

Everything is gluten free!

Guardians of the Green Chile

This delicious potato is the protector of deliciousness! Topped with a generous helping of savory pork green chile, melted cheese, sour cream and chives. GF


Vegetarian and Vegan options available

Vegeta Fajita

Prepare for an explosion of flavor with our Vegeta Fajita Potato! This dish is a fusion of earthy potatoes and fiery fajita seasoning, guaranteed to power up your taste buds. Imagine a fluffy baked potato, sautéed chicken with colorful bell peppers, onions, and delicious queso that would make even the Saiyan Prince proud. It's a culinary adventure that'll have you saying, "It's over 9,000...delicious!" So, channel your inner Super Saiyan and conquer your hunger with our Vegeta Fajita Potato. GF

You're Bacon Me Crazy

Indulge in our Loaded Potato: a crispy, golden-brown spud loaded with savory bacon, melted cheddar cheese, zesty bacon sour cream, and fresh chives. Pure comfort in every bite. GF

Additional Toppings today
Need a little somethin' somethin' extra?..

Pickled Jalapenos, bacon sour cream, Ken's Steakhouse Ranch, Jalapeno ranch, Thick cut bacon +$1 each


Buy a bottle of your favorite Hot Sauce $10